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Speculate markets with CFDs

Trade Contract for Difference (CFD) allows traders to speculate on the price movements of an underlying asset like Forex, Indices & Commodities without physical ownership.

Short and Long

Speculate on price movements in either direction.

Short and long profit chat


Gain full exposure to trade while only putting down a small deposit.

Leverage shart


Open and maintain a position for a fraction of its total size.

Margin chart

Why trade with us

Zero commission

Enjoy commission-free trading and keep those savings for your investments.


Trade at fingertips

Seize the opportunity whenever you are and complete the trade in 3-step.

Worldwide users

A diverse community of users from all over the world.

Real-time market news

Keep updated with the market and trade with precision.

Trading analysis

Stay informed of market moves with integrated trading analysis.


Trade on the go on your preferred device and stay connected anytime.


Trade Global Markets With Us

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