Like A Pro

Replicate top traders’ (Kaptains) winning strategies and trades. You can also earn passive income by being Kaptain. Get ready now.

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Find & follow top traders

Start with the leaderboard and review the top traders' stats from their profiles. You may also discover potential Kaptains from our social feed.

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Easy to get started


Choose a trader & hit “COPY” button


Slide “Copy Fund” to allocate your equity


Input the copy amount by “Min/Max” or “Ratio”

Essential tools for Copy Trading

Min / Max limit

When the equity used by Kaptain exceeds your Min/Max range, the minimum or maximum will be applied to copy their trades. You can use the same amount for both limits.

Min/Max Limit

Fixed ratio

A fixed percentage will be applied across all your copied trades. For example: if you set a 10% ratio, when the Kaptain trades $100, you will trade $10.

Fixed ratio

Become a Kaptain

When someone copies you, you will automatically become their Kaptain, magnifying your followers to attract more copiers!


Reaping commissions from trades

copy fee

Copy Fee

You will receive a Copy Fee directly added to your account for every winning copied trade.

copy fee


You will be rewarded with a bonus once the copier makes a profit.

Copy trading FAQ

What is Copy Trading?

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How do I find Kaptains to copy from?

What is a Copy Fund?

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